Saab and MASS to Offer Integrated EW Data Management Software

November 2008
Saab Avitronics (Saab) and Mass Consultants (MASS) have entered into a co-operation agreement to offer a fully integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) database and mission data generation tool.

This new tool will offer customers of Saab’s EW equipment the prospect of an affordable, capable and fully independent EW data management system in one seamlessly integrated package.

The new software will enable customers to:

  • hold and manipulate representations of sophisticated modern emitters, linked to platforms and weapons;

  • analyse, identify and store ELINT intercepts;

  • quickly identify all emitters likely to be found within a particular geographical area;

  • programme EW equipment with data sets for specified missions.

    The new product combines the best features of Thurbon, MASS’s leading-edge EW data management system, and BOSS, Saab’s suite of EW analysis and mission data generation tools. The combination will provide Saab’s customers with a complete national EW database support capability.

    Andy Thomis, Managing Director of MASS, said:

    "We believe this is the most advanced and integrated EW database and mission data management toolset commercially available. This new offering will enable customers to have full independence from seller governments in reprogramming their EW equipment. This is a major step forward in providing Saab’s customers with the ability to achieve operational sovereignty. It will enable users to get the best out of their EW equipment even if the seller’s government is unable to share sensitive data".

    Micael Johansson, President of Saab Avitronics, said:

    "We, at Saab Avitronics, are very pleased to be cooperating with MASS. It will enable us to offer our EW customers an advanced and very cost effective integrated tool set".