Chief of Defence Materiel confers whole site commendation to the Strategic Weapons Project Team

April 2012

Strategic Weapons Project Team Receives the Highest Commendation from UK Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S)

The Strategic Weapons Project Team United Kingdom Software Facility (UKSF) operates within a partnering arrangement between the MOD and MASS and together they have received a whole site commendation from the Chief of Defence Materiel for their contribution to the support of deterrent fleet operations in a period of demanding change.

MASS, a Cohort plc company, is an integral member of the Strategic Weapons Project Team at the UKSF and is proud to have been part of the team that received this award, which is the highest that the DE&S can confer.

The MOD and MASS operate as interdependent partners in the management of UKSF and this award, which was given to the whole team, recognises the high level of seamless integration that has been achieved. Operating as a closely integrated partner is a hallmark of the MASS approach to managed service delivery and this was the key to achieving a very challenging technical assignment in an unprecedentedly demanding timescale.

MASS has been responsible for supporting the UKSF since 2000 and carries out a wide range of specialist technical tasks including operational analysis, studies, IT infrastructure management, software engineering and the maintenance of a secure MOD facility. MASS leads a team that includes MBDA, HP and Carillion Defence. A further nine-year Target Cost Incentive Fee contract was awarded in 2010 on a sole source basis underlining the high level of customer satisfaction and value being delivered on the programme.

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS said "The United Kingdom Software Facility team, part of the Strategic Weapons Project Team, is highly dedicated, with the results of its hard work unseen outside of a very small community. This award stands as public recognition and testimony to the commitment of the team, which delivers day in and day out in support of a vital national defence programme".