MASS Makes Online Cyber Health Check Available

September 2013

MASS, a Cohort plc company, has designed, delivered and made available a free Online Cyber Health Check. Both the commercial and the public sectors are under increasing threat from sophisticated and complex cyber attacks. To successfully deter cyber attacks, organisations need to have an understanding of their susceptible areas so that they can take appropriate action.  

The cyber health check, available via the MASS website (, provides an individualised management report that helps organisations identify areas of cyber weakness that might place them at risk.  The results from the health check are reviewed by the MASS Communications Electronics Security Group Listed Advisor Scheme (CLAS) consultants to produce a secure and personalised report.  The CLAS consultants can then determine the most suitable services to assist organisations in optimising their cyber security.  At MASS we offer a full range of cyber services from, attack recovery, threat assessment, security awareness training, penetration testing, live monitoring and reporting through to the preparation of court ready digital forensics.

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said “The free online cyber health check uses our in-house and government accredited CLAS consultants to help identify areas where organisations are vulnerable and need to take action.  Having designed, developed and managed secure networks for over 20 years, we understand the need to protect information and the damage that can result when it is not effectively secured.  The aim of our cyber health check is to help customers understand how secure their business is and how to ensure the on-going security of their business from cyber threats.”

For MASS’ Online Cyber Health Check, please contact us here