Secure Network to 'Trust'

December 2013

MASS, a Cohort plc company, has been selected as the information, communications and technology (ICT) partner for the Leigh Academies Trust which is based in Dartford, Kent.  The first task for MASS was to design and install a secure network for the new Wilmington Academy, which underwent an 80% rebuild ahead of its opening in November 2013.
During the procurement process, the Leigh Academies Trust wanted a more business-like ICT solution.  The MASS approach was chosen as it made use of real-world business solutions and integrated the latest technology.  MASS ensured that the solution was applicable for the education environment and it supported the UTC in its aim to prepare the students for their futures.
Stephane Vernoux, Director of ICT from Leigh Academies Trust, said “I am excited about the opportunity that working with MASS presents for this Trust.  We are determined to ensure that our pupils are able to access securely and safely the latest technology to underpin their learning which is why we have chosen MASS as a strategic ICT partner rather than choosing them as a supplier.  We have decided to emulate networks and technology found in business rather than those traditionally found in education as it helps to prepare our students for their futures as well as providing the Trust with a reliable and supportable solution.”
Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said “The team at MASS is pleased to partner with the Leigh Academies Trust.  It is important to us to provide a cost-effective ICT solution that uses the latest technology and a business solution.  This will support the delivery of education to the student population in the way that the Trust wanted to.”

Wilmington Academy of the Leigh Academies Trust