Making Software Secure Through ThreadStrong

March 2014

The UK Government has categorised cyber attacks as a Tier One threat to national security, alongside international terrorism.  They have stated that 93% of large corporations and 87% of small businesses reported a cyber breach in the past year.  The internet-related market in the UK is now estimated to be worth £82 billion a year.  MASS, a Cohort plc company, in a teaming arrangement with the Denim Group, will make available for the first time in the UK, ThreadStrong, an e-Learning platform that trains software developers to incorporate security at the code level.

Following a cyber attack, the damage or loss to a company’s reputation can lead to a dramatic impact on profits or future business.  Protection from cyber threats should be multi-layered.  Developing secure software is, therefore, the most essential element in protecting corporate assets and reducing vulnerability to cyber attacks. 

ThreadStrong, to be made available for the first time in the UK, makes use of "hands-on", online training and offers support to software developers in creating secure software.  The training provided through ThreadStrong, and now offered by MASS, allows software developers to write code with security built in at the ground level offering much greater protection against cyber threats.  In addition, the ThreadStrong course modules are continually available as a reference tool that developers can return to after training to refresh their knowledge. 

John Dickson, Denim Group Principal, said "We are pleased to announce this educational alliance with MASS.  By leveraging the ThreadStrong secure development e-Learning library, MASS will be able to provide a distributed learning approach for client development teams."

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said "Our history in secure solutions stretches back over 30 years.  Our approach to cyber security training allows our customers and their staff to understand the threats they face and the countermeasures they can adopt.  With ThreadStrong e-Learning, we can now offer software development teams training in creating software that is resilient to cyber attack."

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