MASS Receives a VAST Honourable Mention

October 2014

A team from MASS, working with the Interaction Design Centre in the School of Science and Technology at Middlesex University, were awarded an Honourable Mention from a wide field of international participants in the VAST Challenge 2014.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) 2014 Mini-Challenge set the task of discovering behaviour patterns in a scenario where employees of a fictional company had disappeared.  Data provided included two weeks of employee vehicle tracking data and credit and loyalty card transactions. 

Working with Middlesex University, the team from MASS, a Cohort plc company, developed and built specialist software that was able to analyse the data provided as part of the VAST challenge and present it visually.  The software displayed timelines and overlaid the different data on geospatial mapping to allow "patterns of life" to be built up, enabling analysts to determine suspicious activities relating to the disappearance of employees. 

As well as the Honourable Mention, the MASS and Middlesex Team were invited to present their work at the VIS2014 Conference in Paris. 

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said "This academic collaboration is an example of our work with leading institutions at the cutting edge of innovative technology in software systems research.  The software we developed for the VAST Challenge is unique and we are looking forward to taking it further."


Geospatial interface with timeline