Running with the Wolves

December 2014

A loud klaxon blasted on a chilly November morning in a field at Stanford Hall, Leicestershire.  Jack Stark and Elliot Carter from MASS, a Cohort plc company, stood in the field with hundreds of others and began the "Wolf Run". 

Jack and Elliot wanted to be challenged and the Wolf Run was the way to do it.  The Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields (WOLF) Run takes in the raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes and thick mud for 10km.  The course includes a series of man-made and natural physical challenges, and is tailored to test the endurance and nerve of the competitors. 

Afterwards Jack said "We wanted to participate in this event because of the physical and mental challenge.  Having completed the course, and being cold, wet and muddy, we have proved to ourselves and colleagues at work that we were up for it."

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said, "I am delighted to see that Jack and Elliot have survived the course.  We are always keen to support our staff when they are looking to be challenged both within and outside work."

A clean Jack and Elliot before the race commences