MASS Takes Up The 'Challenge'

May 2015

MASS, a Cohort plc company, has joined the sponsorship team of the Cyber Security Challenge UK.  The shortage of talent within the Cyber Security Industry has been openly acknowledged by government, academia, and the industry itself. The Challenge is successfully addressing this shortage with an innovative and engaging series of national competitions, learning programmes and networking initiatives.

Cyberspace is woven into the fabric of society and is integral to the economy, communities and security.  Defence of the country’s interests in cyberspace currently falls to a relatively small cadre of talented and highly skilled public sector and private sector cyber security professionals. This pool of professionals must grow if those interests are to be defended effectively. 

MASS is a high technology business that designs, builds and operates some of the UK government’s most secure IT systems and protects clients against cyber security threats.  Sponsorship of Cyber Security Challenge UK is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of security and assurance in the modern, increasingly connected world as well as giving an insight into the industry to those who are interested in joining. 

Stephanie Daman, CEO of Cyber Security Challenge UK, said "I am very pleased to have MASS on board as one of our sponsors.  MASS offers a unique insight to designing and maintaining classified networks in secure areas.  I know that they will help us to develop and support the enthusiasm and determination of the talented individuals that participate in the Cyber Security Challenge"

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said: "The importance of cyber security should not be lost on any of us.  Cyber threats come in many shapes and forms and continue to pose a significant threat to us all.  It is important to nurture interest amongst the next generation of cyber experts and to help them understand how vital the role of the cyber security expert is in maintaining the integrity of government and business.  Sponsoring and actively supporting the Cyber Security Challenge is a natural extension of what we are already doing in the research and operational field of Cyber Security."