'Trusted Experience' Will Deliver Transformational Change in The UK

September 2015

MASS and ILIAS Solutions have today announced their agreement to work together in the UK.  MASS, a Cambridgeshire-based technology company, and Brussels-based ILIAS Solutions, specialise in defence information management solutions. 

Together, their trusted experience will provide the MOD with an end-to-end fleet management solution at a scope and scale hitherto unseen in the UK.  MASS brings its experience of integrating secure information systems and delivering ICT management services while ILIAS brings its proven, off-the-shelf software platform.  This software provides the framework for efficient and effective management of fleet capability that is fully integrated with the whole supply chain.

MASS's Business Development Director, Malcolm Lowes, said, "Having provided secure information systems for over 20 years, we have seen the inefficiencies and limitations to operational capability that arise when information systems are not fully integrated.  Having assessed the ILIAS capability, we know our alliance can deliver business process improvements to military commanders that will have a direct positive impact on their capabilities while simultaneously reducing costs across the entire value chain".

Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director of ILIAS Solutions, said, "For the past 20 years, ILIAS has  delivered its software to international defence markets, including Belgian Defence, the Chilean Air Force and the NATO E3A Boeing 707 fleet worldwide.  Our software has led to increased military capabilities for these defence organisations and our aim with this alliance is to do the same for the UK MOD on a tri-forces basis."