Learning in a 'Smart Flat'

March 2016

Sir Charles Kao University Technical College specialises in Medical Technology and Smart Environments for students aged 14 – 19 years, and has launched their “intelligent flat” which is a first for schools in the UK. 

Today’s buildings need to be fit for purpose as well as environmentally friendly, energy efficient and easily maintained.  They also need to be adaptable and intuitive to the occupants and their day-to-day needs.  The "intelligent flat" will enable the students to understand, develop and interact with new smart technologies that can be invisibly interwoven through sensors, actuators and displays and embedded in to everyday objects.

MASS, a Cohort plc company, carried out an extensive product analysis and provided a solution that offered best value and supported the specific learning objectives of the curriculum.  The equipment in the flat was integrated by MASS and is a mix of wired and wireless modular systems, fully futureproofing the flat to allow changes as new technology becomes available.

Sir Charles Kao UTC Principal, Michael McKeaveney said, "The two specialist learning areas within the UTC, which also include our Smart Box, provides unique learning opportunities for students and enables students to see their work come to life.  Through using this software, our students will be well-equipped to fill new and exciting jobs in a growing industry."

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said, "Our heritage of providing novel solutions to challenging technology problems meant we were able to design and deliver a system that will grow with the school to embrace continual technology changes that are part of everyday life."

Outside and inside the intelligent flat