MASS to partner with IFS

October 2016

Cohort company MASS has been appointed to help Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) deliver extended support and deepen capabilities across the defence & security industries.  As an authorised partner in the UK and Ireland, MASS will help IFS implement and support IFS Applications™.  The solutions will improve cost control for our customers and help to reduce contract risk.

Paul Massey, Managing Director of IFS Europe West, commented, "We are continuously looking at how we can work with partners to deliver the best possible solution to our customers across the UK, while helping them to be successful and to meet their increasingly complex demands.  Recognising the commitment that MASS show in terms of service, value, and professionalism, and their focus on helping customers leverage IFS solutions to transform their business, we are delighted to now formalise this relationship."

MASS Group Head, Roy Pickerill said, "MASS has expertise in digital transformation in defence management, supply chain, and logistics.  We are using Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) to secure and exploit the data required to enable the next generation of MoD output-based contracting to reduce contract risk and therefore cost.  The partnership with IFS will enable MASS to deliver transformation to customers' operational performance as well as to de-risk large-scale change programmes by providing agile, strategy-focused process improvement, data analytics, system integration and managed support services."