MASS Wins Extension to Ofcom AIMS Contract

November 2005
Mass Consultants Ltd has recently been awarded an extension to the AIMS contract - an Ofcom programme to develop an Autonomous Interference Monitoring System. The AIMS will monitor the spectrum between 100MHz and 10.6GHz and report on the level of interference present. Operating modes will be designed to look for narrowband, spread spectrum, co-channel, and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) signals with automatic modulation recognition set to be a feature of the algorithms. The 0.5m research programme, begun in February and set to complete in Spring 2006, will develop the hardware, algorithms and methodology for monitoring the levels of interference by intentional emitters. A novel portable monitoring antenna covering the entire range is being developed by Queen Mary University London for the purpose. On completion of the work, the equipment will be delivered to Ofcom to support their ongoing monitoring activities.

The programme follows on from earlier studies conducted by MASS for the Radiocommunications Agency including measurement and analysis of man-made noise up to 3GHz, monitoring of the 2.4GHz unlicensed band and analysis of the interference implications of software radio.