MASS Wins TVA Contract at the Air Warfare Centre

April 2006
MASS has provided a team of Threat and Vulnerability Analysts within the Air Platform Protection Operational Evaluation Unit at the AWC since 2001.

The threat analysis task requires flexible radar and IR system engineers who can apply their knowledge to practical problems in an EW environment. The task requires the analysts to compile and sort data and study and analyse systems, before designing and testing ECM’s. Fused system data, system analysis and ECM rationale must then be documented in a Threat Vulnerability Analysis document.

The task is becoming increasingly complex, being driven by the technological advances in threat and platform systems in RAF theatres of operation. Therefore, analysts must have the ability to learn and apply new technologies to the analysis process.

MASS is pleased to announce that the company has retained the Contract for the supply of this team for a further 5 years from March 2006.