MASS Helps French Team to Next Stage of UK Armoured Vehicle Competition

January 2007
MASS is very pleased to be playing a major part in the successful French team led by Nexter Systems, whose VBCI wheeled infantry fighting vehicle was short-listed as one of the three Utility Vehicle candidates for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) Trials of Truth (ToT) - currently nearing completion. The FRES programme is one of the largest and most important competitions currently being run by the Ministry of Defence.

MASS is providing the lead to a team of UK companies who are providing technical support and advice to Nexter Systems throughout this prestigious competition. The team includes Telford-based Quorum Logistic Support Ltd and Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd, the renowned automotive testing and development centre based in Bedfordshire. Millbrook has provided integrated team support to the Physical trials being held at Bovington, while MASS and Quorum have been helping with the huge amount of technical, design and programme planning information requested by the FRES Integrated Project team. Quorum is a specialist Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Consultancy responsible for the complete ILS programme to ensure that the VBCI vehicle, whilst meeting the design performance specifications, will also satisfy operational availability and the objectives of life cycle costs optimisation.

MASS Managing Director Andrew Thomis said: “It has been a pleasure to work with the French and we are very pleased to be so closely associated with their success so far. The VBCI vehicle is technically highly advanced and a very strong candidate that is already very close to meeting the FRES Utility Vehicle requirement now. As part of the Nexter team, we and our UK colleagues are determined to ensure this excellent vehicle wins the Trials of Truth”.

Nexter Systems will be holding a briefing day for potential UK Suppliers on 02 October 2007 in London. Details have been announced through the Defence Manufacturer’s Association.