January 2012

New "MASS in Education" website goes live!

MASS is pleased to announce its new website www.massineducation.co.uk - dedicated exclusively to providing a wealth of up-to-date information on technology in Education.   

As an education ICT specialist, involved primarily in the design, specification, installation and support of technology into educational establishments, we are well placed to offer this repository for the best and the latest that the web has to offer on ICT in Education.  Whether you want to know the best open source software to use or just how secure the cloud is, the answers are all on our new website - helpfully collated into your area of interest and updated daily. 

There are areas for the teacher, the network manager, the resources manager and even the school leaver.   There is also a facility to sign up to the “MASS in Education” newsletter that will keep you fully informed of the best of what’s new.

It doesn’t stop there. If there’s something you want to know about and it’s not there, then there are facilities to contact us and let us know.  It’s likely that if it’s important to you then it’ll be important to others, so we’ll dig a little deeper and put the results on the site.  

Click here to jump to the "MASS in Education" website.