March 2013

MASS Expert Speaks at Pitmans Annual Cyber Conference

At the Pitmans Annual Cyber Conference in London on 7 February 2013, Andy Lipinski, Managed Services Director at MASS (a Cohort plc company) delivered a speech on the topic “Preparing for Security Incidents – A Toolkit and Issues in Supply Chains”.

The Annual Cyber Conference’s theme was ‘Reputation Management and Information Security’. It demonstrated that business in general is under threat and it is no longer just defence companies that are the prime targets for attack. Cyber security is rapidly increasing in importance to the entire business world.  
MASS has responded to this shift by taking cyber security beyond traditional business boundaries. MASS’ dedicated cyber security team possesses the most up to date government qualifications and takes an end-to-end view of cyber security, building on its track record of maintaining and managing some of the UK Government’s most secure networks.

In two recent examples of cyber breaches in the private and public sector, MASS was called in to assess the organisations’ cyber security deficiencies.  MASS subsequently developed and delivered robust cyber security plans that improved the safety and overall operational effectiveness of these organisations.

Philip James, Pitmans LLP and Conference Chair said: "We were delighted that Andy was able to speak at the conference and impart MASS' knowledge and expertise. Security incidents have significant repercussions for business reputation, and the costs and liabilities to which companies are exposed have an 'iceberg' effect. Public fines seem significant and high profile, but the real cost of a breach is hidden. MASS is very well placed to address such concerns.  We were thrilled with the success of this year's Cyber Conference, and are proud to advise clients like Cohort plc, and its subsidiaries, including MASS, as they build their reputations in the cyber security market.  This is an area of growing urgency to business, and the UK economy. We look forward to further involvement in helping our clients deal with all aspects of the impact of cyber on business life."

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS said “MASS offers a unique approach to cyber security and utilises our corporate knowledge from developing and delivering some of the UK Government’s most secure IT systems to underpin this approach.  Business can no longer think of cyber security as the domain of the IT department, it is a whole business responsibility.  MASS can educate and protect businesses with the cyber services we provide.”


Andy Lipinski, Managed Services Director at MASS