June 2013

MASS Wins UK Government G-Cloud Contract

MASS, a Cohort plc company, has been appointed to provide specialist cloud services to the UK Government. Known as the G-Cloud, this cross-government programme of work will deliver fundamental changes in the way the public sector procures and operates information and communication technology.

MASS, an independent systems house, has a proven pedigree of providing secure integrated networks and managed services to various government agencies and will, therefore, be able to support the Government in its drive for savings and the delivery of secure, faster ICT services.

The G-Cloud strategy will enable the UK Government to:

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, stated “MASS has a long and distinguished history in provision of secure ICT services at the highest levels of security.  As an agile and customer focussed company providing systems integration and managing complex services, we will continue to support the Government as it strives to achieve its ICT strategy and achieve savings through the adoption of cloud computing.”


The G-Cloud will deliver ICT systems that are secure, flexible, fast, cost-efficient and responsive to demand.