January 2016

Visualising Big Data

MASS, a Cohort plc company, has won an "Autonomy and big data for defence" competition through the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory's Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE).  The competition aimed to address the challenges associated with the adoption of autonomy and big data in defence.  The requirement was for proof-of-concept research proposals for innovative component technologies and techniques to acquire, process, visualise and analyse data that could be used to support decision making for both human and autonomous systems. 

MASS is extending work that it is already undertaking with an innovative proposal in data visualisation in collaboration with Middlesex University Interaction Design Centre.  The technology could be applicable across different domains such as business analytics, fleet management, digital forensics, cyber and other intelligence data processing domains, as well as defence.  

Ashley Lane, Managing Director of MASS, said "Our mix of scientists, engineers and operationally focussed staff allows us to develop solutions to challenges that others might walk away from; visualisation of big data sets is one such area."

Screen shot example of visualisation of big data