August 2017

MASS supported the key Joint Forces Command training exercise in Cornwall

MASS supported the key Joint Forces Command training exercise in Cornwall. The main aim was to exercise the SJFHQ to 'Train as we fight' underpinned with a number other training objectives that would be explored over the 2 week event. The exercise comprised military personnel and a range of other governmental and non-governmental organisations to help develop a pan-Governmental approach to the task. MASS' support included a range of SMEs from senior military and diplomatic staffs to offer focused advice at the Operational level in order to achieve maximum training value. Planning began 12 months ago with the scenario writing, which involved creating fictional countries, and all the supporting geographic, environmental and demographic detail and challenges that that a 'real' military operation might encounter. This allowed the Training Audience to exercise, as realistically as possible with the scenario crafted to ensure the Training Audience could practice exercising command and control of real, and MASS-provided synthetic forces during the exercise. The event also allowed participants to explore interactions with the Media and to look at the expanding range of challenges a modern force might encounter in an increasing complex and diverse information-driven environment.  For more on how MASS’ team can support your training needs visit:

Training exercise