Tailored ICT network solutions that assure security and your peace of mind

MASS delivers superior tailored solutions that safeguard ICT infrastructure and data in an increasingly connected world

Secure Networks

MASS helps protect your critical data with tailored solutions for secure ICT networks. We apply the same expertise that we have been providing to some of UK Government's most secure IT systems for more than 30 years. Whether you require individual services or full life-cycle management, our experts develop solutions and deliver services that protect your organisation against cyber threats, enabling you to share data safely.

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Secure ICT Networks
Managed Services
For peace of mind, outsource managed IT services to MASS. Our highly experienced staff integrate into your own teams, delivering elite IT infrastructure management around the clock. MASS responds quickly to the demands of security, and we can manage your systems at one location, or across multiple sites.

We have the proven ability to undertake technically challenging and complex projects and our ICT research ensures that you receive the most resilient solution.

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Information management is critical in ensuring that operational platforms are available for tasking. The complexity of integrating defence logistics operations across multiple supply chains presents challenges that can often be seen as almost insurmountable.

Together, MASS and ILIAS Solutions provide an end-to-end solution that includes all functions across the entire Defence value chain, deployed across a secure and trusted enabling environment. Our proven off-the-shelf defence information management solution increases fleet operational availability, reduces risk, drives down costs and drives up revenue.

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Information Management
From 25 May 2018, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Act 1998. Unifying data protection laws across the European Union (EU), the new rules will not be affected by Brexit. Regardless of size or turnover, organisations must take the necessary measures to abide by GDPR legislation now.

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, businesses that hold electronic personal customer data are more likely to suffer breaches, compared to companies that do not. To avoid facing significant financial and reputational damage, it is essential to ensure you comply with GDPR.

Our qualified team of Data Privacy Consultants can undertake a gap analysis of your current data protection arrangements. Working closely with you, they will ensure your data privacy programme is fully compliant.

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Data Protection / EU GDPR Consultancy

Secure ICT Networks

Cyber attacks are constantly increasing and changing in nature. Whether you are a government body or private business, you must ensure that your ICT networks are secure.

MASS has been delivering and operating some of the UK Government's most secure IT systems for 30 years. You can count on our impeccable experience in designing solutions to meet your organisation's unique security profile.

We specialise in the development and support of end-to-end information systems, particularly for customers who need continuous support of mission critical applications, where security is paramount.

Since we are becoming ever more reliant on sharing data over networks, making communications secure is essential. MASS can help you secure your business through solutions including secure communications systems, and managed IT support.

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MASS not only considers your network's infrastructure, but also who is using your technology, how they are using it and why. These, and other key factors, inform the unique strategy we will put in place and, if required, manage for you as part of a long-term partnership.

Our specialists can provide full life-cycle management or managed services, but also provide individual services, at one location or across multiple sites.

Contact MASS today for a free consultation and assessment of your ICT network security.

Managed services

MASS delivers end-to-end managed IT support tailored according to your requirements. We work closely with you, with our staff integrating into your organisation so we work as interdependent partners. This highly effective approach gives you peace of mind that your ICT is in excellent hands.

Our reputation in outsourced managed services and fully integrated support is founded in more than 30 years working in the UK IT industry. We have, for example, been providing support to the UK's Joint EW Operational Support Centre since 1994, with 20 on-site staff. Services provided include database management and countermeasure development. We also provide a managed IT support service for 500 networked workstations, including management of multiple security levels and a hardware break-fix service.

Having worked with customers with thousands of desktops and large numbers of servers, and smaller organisations with smaller systems, you can depend on us to develop an outstanding strategy to deliver reliable IT infrastructure management.

MASS' specialists ensure you receive a superior service, including 24/7 on-site support by integrating into your own teams.


Data Protection / EU GDPR Consultancy

Although GDPR already applies, it becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018. Organisations in the EU, and those outside the EU and trade in the Union, are all affected.

If a breach occurs before 25 May 2018, you will need to demonstrate to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) how you are working towards GDPR compliance.

In today’s digital world, organisations have had considerable control of their clients’ personal data, with an associated low level of accountability. However, from 2018 this will change significantly as clients are afforded greater control of their data, with recourse if it is not looked after.

Failing to comply with GDPR can lead to a loss of client trust, monetary fines, and you will no longer be able to use the data.

To avoid all of this, you need to act fast. Begin by looking at how you can:

  • Minimise risks.
  • Protect your organisation’s reputation.
  • Safeguard all personal data you collect, store or transmit.
  • Identify and remove personal data no longer required.

Act now.

If you have any questions please contact us.

At MASS our highly experienced and capable team of consultants offer data protection consultancy services to assist you in achieving your data privacy compliance. We provide a three-phased approach, dependent on your level of data protection maturity and requirements.

Phase 1: Awareness Phase

We offer an awareness session on the EU GDPR basics / overview to establish which issues are pertinent to your organisation. We also provide initial insight into potential solutions.

Phase 2: EU GDPR Assessment

This phase identifies the potential GDPR issues in your organisation. We run a gap analysis, a data audit / mapping exercise, and data flow audit. Using our data privacy tools, we identify your data privacy maturity and identify what you need to do to become EU GDPR-ready.

Phase 3: GDPR Implementation

Based on the assessment, we produce your policies, procedures, Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA) to establish your GDPR compliance. In addition, we can fulfil your Consultant Data Protection Officer obligations, which is mandatory for some businesses.

You might also want to consider ISO 27001, and a technical health check of your systems.


Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 (PDF)


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Information Management as a Service (IMaaS)

Defence organisations excel at operating and maintaining their fleets, yet some still struggle to produce a simple, integrated picture of cost and performance. Integrating defence logistics operations across multiple supply chains is complex and challenging.

MASS and ILIAS Solutions have the answer. MASS is the UK delivery partner for ILIAS Solutions' tri-service defence platform. Our trusted experience can provide fleet operators with an end-to-end information management solution at a scope, scale and level of innovation that is new in the UK.

We can deliver a turnkey, responsive, efficient and compliant information management solution that is fully integrated across sourcing, supply, sustainment and operations. This solution will result in increased operational availability, reduced risk and cost.

We help organisations improve their performance through;

  • Defence Capability Management:
    • Developing the power to map, monitor and manage end-to-end performance.
  • Defence Logistics & Operations Management Systems
    • Providing a single integrated system for sourcing, supply, sustainment and operations.
  • Enterprise Architecture
    • Continuously coordinated and integrated capabilities – seamlessly aligning business, data and technology
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
    • Delivering secure collaboration systems which allow teamwork to cross organisational and geographical boundaries effortlessly.
  • ICT Service Management
    • Ensuring high-quality, high-availability and high-assurance operations of your information assets.
  • Business Data Analytics
    • Forecasting, predicting and visualising data for strategic and operational advantage

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Ilias Solutions

Based in Brussels, ILIAS Solutions has a proven 20-year track record providing software solutions to national defence organisations where it is being used for the most complex information management tasks in support of fleet operations.

Ilias Customers

NATO: the ILIAS platform manages the data of all procurement, supply and maintenance processes for the NATO AWACS. It is also the chosen integration platform on LogFS to replace all organic legacy NATO applications.

Belgian Armed Forces: ILIAS supplies a single logistics, material and human resources solution to Belgian defence, across air, navy, land and medical components.

Chilean Air Force: ILIAS provides a single information management system, which integrates all the Chilean Air Force’s material resource management requirements.