Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment

We deliver training for all aspects of cyber, from board level cyber response exercises to Cyber Essential awareness.

Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment

The UK Government has categorised cyber attacks as a Tier One threat to national security, alongside international terrorism.

The cost of a single cyber security incident can easily reach six-figures, causing damage to a company's reputation potentially leading to dramatic loss in profits and future business.

To help mitigate such risks, businesses need to possess the latest knowledge in cyber security.

MASS works with customers to develop a deep understanding of potential security threats, and the countermeasures you can develop or adopt.

Cyber risk and resilience assessment training helps to protect corporate assets, and ensures staff are trained appropriately, ultimately securing the bottom line.

The cost of a single cyber security incident can easily reach six-figures even for small businesses

Preparing for a cyber attack

Today, business resilience and continuity must take into account the effects of cyber-attacks, social media, viruses and many other network-based threats. C-Suite and board-level members are both responsible and accountable for protecting their data but how many organisations have rehearsed the ‘what ifs’ of an information breach or cyber penetration? Contingency plans are improved through constant modelling, testing, rehearsing and adjusting against realistic threats.

Our cyber risk and resilience solution can mitigate the risk to your customers, business and reputation.  Through effective facilitation and partnering with us, you will rapidly expose vulnerabilities and start to think about solutions.


For the first time in the UK, MASS is offering e-learning training packages with courses designed to teach a whole application development team - from quality assurance professionals to software developers - about the importance of secure practices in the application development process.

Training materials, dedicated facilities, specialist trainers, courseware development, and our deep cyber security domain experience, ensures that your staff acquire the critical knowledge required to maintain appropriate security standards.

Our training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art resources, or we can deliver training at your preferred location in the UK or aboard contact us for more information.

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