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Enterprise House, Great North Road, Little Paxton, St Neots

Cambridgeshire  PE19 6BN  UK

T: +44 (0)1480 222600


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Enterprise House

MASS Lincoln Office & Training Facility

Alumina Court, Tritton Road, Lincoln  LN6 7QY  UK

T: +44 (0)1522 502050


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Alumina Court

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Cambridgeshire PE19 6BN.


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  • IA Practitioners' Events 2015 - Papers


      Geotemporal, Unstructured Data Visualisation in Cyber Security (1.24MB)

      Reverse Engineering Threats and Technical Challenges (1.72MB)

  • Corporate Brochures


      Defence and Security (1.25MB)

      Cohort Defence and Security brochure (4.52MB)

  • Training


      Safeguarding your information and reputation against cyber threats (3.4MB)

      EW Training Brochure (2MB)

      Enhance your capability through specialist EW training (3.73MB)

      MASS in Integrated EW Training Centres Leaflet (1.06MB)

      MSc Intelligence Systems (EW) (1.97MB)

      Image Analysis Training Course (289KB)

      COMETT Tools Brochure (1.15MB)

  • Cyber


      Cyber Essentials - IT-reliant businesses (2MB)

      Cyber Essentials and the DCPP Cyber Security Model (1MB)

      Protecting Business in a Cyber World (663KB)

      Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information - Assessing Compliance to NIST 800-171 (1MB)

  • Digital Forensics


      Protecting communities using Digital Investigation and Intelligence (1.3MB)

      Digital Forensics as a Managed Service (1.41MB)

  • Electronic Warfare Operational Support


      THURBON® Article - Unlocking Your Data Saves Lives (2.08MB)

      Managing your EW Data (2.04MB)

      CounterWorX - Specialist Tools for Countermeasure Development (2.67MB)

      Electronic Warfare - Your Route to Operational Independence (1.17MB)

      Countermeasure Development (2.15MB)

      Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS) (940KB)

  • Secure Networks


      Information Management (1.43MB)

      GCloud Services (754KB)

  • Support to Operations


      Safety and Security Testing and Exercising (1.18MB)

      Exercise Support (1.47MB)

      Anti Piracy Operation Atalanta Whitepaper (1.19MB)

  • Education


      Transforming Education Through ICT (914KB)

  • Case Studies & Whitepapers


      Building a Capability for Countermeasure Development (1.95MB) by Paul Bradbeer

      Mission Data Support in the AI Age (1.69MB) by Paul Bradbeer

      Countermeasure Development in the AI Age (2.42MB)

      Sovereign control of sensitive AI knowledge - an Internet of Things perspective (2.88MB)

      Special Purpose Test Equipment (SPTE) for Complex Communication Management Solutions (702KB)

      The benefits of using an ECAD software tool such as CHS Design (901KB)

      Automated testing of Long Term Evolution (LTE) interference with WiFi (785KB)

      How to halve the build time of a Military Helicopter Avionics System Integration Rig (633KB)

  • Reports & Presentations


      Man-Made Noise Measurement Programme Final Report - September 2003 (3.72MB)

      EMC Implications of Software Radio Technology Final Report - August 2003 (2.67MB)

      2.4 GHz Study Final Report - May 2003 (2.55MB)

      AIMS Phase 1 Final Report - May 2006 (1.01MB)

      AIMS Phase 2 Final Report Volume 1 - Summary Report - March 2007 (1.89MB)

      AIMS Phase 2 Final Report Volume 2 - Appendices A-C - March 2007 (1.63MB)

      AIMS Phase 2 Final Report Volume 3 - Appendix D - March 2007 (2.98MB)

      AIMS Phase 3 Final Report - November 2007 (448KB)

      Estimating the Utilisation of Key Licence-Exempt Spectrum Bands Final Report - April 2009 (812KB)

      Utilisation of key licence exempt bands and the effects on WLAN performance (3.01MB)

      Autonomous Interference Monitoring System Overview (AIMS) (1.64MB)

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