Asia Defence Expo & Conferences Series 2020 (ADECS EW Asia)

Asia Defence Expo & Conferences Series 2020 (ADECS EW Asia) will examine military focused advances in electromagnetic (EM) spectrum operations in the Asia Pacific Region. Advancements in EW and EM technology and operational concepts for current and emerging threats in maritime, air and land operations will be explored, including hybrid warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, and signals intelligence.

MASS will be exhibiting at the conference as well as hosting a presentation discussing how the information advantage is the foundation to achieving operational success from being able to collect, collate, manage and maintain our information better than our opponent.  The Suppression of Enemy Air Defences or SEAD mission needs to be reconsidered in the light of the Anti-Area Axis Denial or A2AD environment that we find evolving in our operational environments, with increasingly complex strategic surface to air missile or SAMs being able to hold us at arms’ length.

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