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MASS provides Electronic Warfare Operational Support services and solutions on a global scale, focused across the Land, Air and Maritime domains

Electronic Warfare Operational Support Services

EW systems are growing in diversity and sophistication, with new sensor technologies continually generating large, complex data sets. EW Centres need sophisticated data management applications to transform the information from these increasingly complex sensors into usable intelligence. In the operational domain it is essential that the right intelligence is made available to support decision making in order to provide accurate situational awareness.

THURBON® is an unparalleled EW data management system, providing organisations with a fully integrated suite of tools for the management, processing and storage of complex platform, sensor and weapon system data.

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Data management
Training is often overlooked by organisations and viewed as an unnecessary drain on time and resources. However, effective skills-based EW training programmes can significantly improve the performance of your personnel and your organisation. Whether it's designing training to meet a specific requirement or undertaking one of our numerous off-the-shelf courses, MASS can support the development of your personnel which will improve operational effectiveness. Our first-class training programmes can be delivered at our sophisticated UK-based training centre or overseas.

As threat systems increase in complexity and become more prolific, the emphasis on platform protection increases. Working for the UK MoD and other nations, supporting the full Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD) lifecycle, MASS is at the forefront of platform protection, developing countermeasures that enhance the protection and survivability of your platforms.

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Countermeasures Development
Modelling & simulation
Traditionally the development of countermeasures has been a costly and lengthy process involving expensive military platforms and personnel conducting trials activities on instrumented threat ranges, often with limited threat systems. Modern modelling and simulation tools can significantly reduce the time and cost in producing effective countermeasures. MASS has combined our software development skills with many years of operational experience and developed a modular suite of tools, CounterWorX, that supports the Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD) lifecycle.

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Our expert advice and consultancy is tailored to meet your EW needs. Whether you require advice on procurement planning, requirements analysis, technical evaluations, or research studies, our electronic warfare specialists will provide you with advice based upon their many years of experience working in industry and operations. Being completely independent from EW equipment manufacturers, the decisions you make will be based upon trusted and impartial advice.

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EW Training Courses

An organisation's ability to LEARN, and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly is the ultimate COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

(Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO)

Through undertaking Electronic Warfare (EW) courses, designed against your training objectives, you can advance your organisation's EW knowledge and operational capabilities. The MASS Electronic Warfare training courses range from foundation level EW, covering basic principles and applications, to a Masters' degree in science. Many of our courses are accredited by academic institutions including the University of Lincoln.

Training takes place at our dedicated training centre in Lincoln or at a location agreed with you. We use a mix of sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools in operationally focused scenarios which support the training delivered in the classroom.

Using instructors with military, science and engineering backgrounds, our EW training courses blend theory with practice to reinforce learning. In achieving your training objectives, we support your students' learning and skills development, accelerating your route to greater operational effectiveness.

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Masters of Science (MSc) Intelligence Systems

University of Lincoln


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THURBON - Successful missions start here

Through THURBON, you will achieve:

  • Enhanced productivity and operational efficiency by collecting complex EW and intelligence data into a single source
  • Improved support to Joint Service operations through the ability to handle multiple sources of intelligence data at different classification levels
  • Automation of data support operations
  • Reduced mission data turnaround time


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THURBON® Data Management System

Managing EW data and organising collected intelligence into a single source supports the operational decision maker and is crucial for effective platform and weapon system operations. THURBON provides that essential operational support and enhanced situational awareness, supporting a common approach across different environments.

Developed by EW users for EW users, through THURBON you have the capability to manage, process and store complex platform, sensor and weapon system data in a single source, supporting your intercept analysis, EOB production and mission planning.

THURBON, in use around the world, delivers coherent and consistent intelligence from the most sophisticated military platforms and sensor networks enhancing operational efficiency and reducing support costs. It is simple to integrate, use and configure.

Countermeasures Development

Countermeasure development by MASS analyses the effectiveness of protection technologies on threats, helping enhance platform protection and maximise survivability. Working across the threat vulnerability analysis and countermeasure development lifecycle, MASS' operational and scientific expertise increases your mission success through robust and proven platform protection.

MASS is the leading operations support provider for UK MOD. We provide the same quality of Electronic Warfare Operational Support solutions to all of our customers. Through MASS' services, you can achieve operational independence in countermeasure development.

Providing the solutions or products you require, we can provide a one-off service or a comprehensive managed service and full TVACD lifecycle support.

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Our countermeasures development solutions mean that you can:

  • Access our proven processes and procedures for data extraction, vulnerability assessment and countermeasure design to enhance your platform survivability
  • Use our sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools to mitigate risk and reduce costs
  • Utilise our analysts and operational experts to plan, deliver and analyse the results from your trials, enhancing your operational independence and effectiveness
CounterWorX - Simulate to survive

Modelling & Simulation

Harnessing unique in-house developed technologies, our experienced specialists have developed a modular suite of modelling and simulation software tools. These tools reduce the cost and time for analysing threat systems, modelling their performance and producing countermeasures or ploys. Our toolset simplifies the reverse engineering of complex weapon systems through using open source information. The threat system analysis, modelling and simulation included in the toolset provide unprecedented technical capability for countermeasure development and engagement simulation across all operational domains.

Known as CounterWorX, this modular suite of software tools can be used individually or collectively to support and enhance electronic warfare countermeasure development.

Our electronic warfare simulation and training tools also support your organisation's training needs. Operationally focused, our toolset reinforces the EW training that is delivered to match your requirements. This training can be completed at our renowned UK training facility, or at a location to suit you using our deployed capabilities.

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CounterWorX consists of

CounterWorX - Discover

Predicts missile capabilities from limited information

CounterWorX - Protect

Simulates few-on-few, multi-spectral engagements with latest generation threats and EW systems

CounterWorX - Analyse

Produces countermeasure effectiveness reports and replays real-life engagements

CounterWorX - Practice

A real-time simulated operational environment for operators to build their EW skills

CounterWorX - Knowledge

The central database for the suite

Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS)

NEWTS comprises three core applications: Electronic Warfare Mission Support Tool (EWMST), Communications Exploitation Training Tool (COMETT) and the Signals of Interest (SOI) Repository. All are non-operational, procedural training applications and have been designed to be used over LAN and/or WAN architecture.

They can be used in isolation for individual training, but when combined they replicate a real-life EW operations intelligence cycle fulfilling collective training environments; from the planning and direction of EW assets (EWMST) to the collection and exploitation of communications data (COMETT), the processing, analysis and collation of information (SOI Repository) and the production, dissemination and reporting of intelligence to commanders via EWMST and messaging tools.

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NEWTS provides a first class suite of tools that facilitates effective EW training and is used in our training facility, in Lincoln, or can be purchased to facilitate customers' own training delivery requirements. This has been evidenced by the British Army's 11th Signal Regiment who purchased NEWTS in 2017. Colonel Jason Gunning ADC Late R SIGNALS (Royal Corps of Signals, Corps Colonel), commented: "In a time where the information battlespace is becoming contested and congested we must provide our soldiers with the best possible training opportunities to understand the environment they may find themselves employed within. The new Electronic Warfare Simulator will do just that, allowing 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment to provide a relevant and realistic training environment that is flexible and meets the evolving demands of the field army. We now look forward to enhancing the military's relationship with industry over the next 5 years through our partnership with MASS".

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Being completely independent from electronic warfare hardware and software manufacturers, MASS is able to provide trusted and impartial advice.

As a long-term UK MOD supplier, we understand the equipment that is required for successful electronic warfare operations. Additionally, we know how to program the most sophisticated of systems, and we are experienced in using specialist equipment in operational theatres of war.

Our consultants bring with them many years of experience working in industry, defence laboratories, front-line operations and EW support centres. They work closely with your teams to assess your unique EWOS requirements, going on to provide you with essential support, including reliable advice for smart procurement planning.