Inspiring Air and Defence College Students

Recently, MASS hosted two remote workshops with 70 Air and Defence College, Lincoln students. MASS Electronic Warfare training experts and RAF veterans, Dave Sweeting and Mal Solley, organised and ran the workshops to support the students’ learning and provide a source of expertise about all things RAF.

Dave and Mal were delighted to host the workshops and, more importantly, the students had the opportunity to ask any questions about life in the RAF, from what projects they’d worked on to what they enjoyed the most.

Any further questions the students had will be passed onto the MASS team to answer and we’ll continue to support the Air and Defence College students by working closely with their tutor to determine where our support can be best utilised.

The students are a cohort of three colleges: Stamford, North Lincolnshire and West Anglia which make up the Air and Defence College. The students focus on three main trade areas; engineering, computing and catering. The College prepares the students for joining the RAF which includes understanding the career and rank structure, fitness, preparation for attending interviews and ensuring this is the right career for them.

Air and Defence College Tutor, David Robins commented “The presentation this morning was fabulous!  It definitely met the needs (and more) of our learners and really cemented some of the work that Brian and I have been doing with our group regarding presentation skills.“

As part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant we support initiatives like this whenever we can. The majority of our staff are ex-military personnel and we understand the importance of sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of military professionals.