MASS innovates traditional penetration testing

When covid stopped travel, the MASS penetration testing team developed an innovative way to continue their service remotely, ensuring customers continued to be safe.     

The team designed, built and tested a new penetration testing appliance, which takes the form of a very small computer. Once it has been delivered to our customers and powered on, it calls home to MASS so our team can remote in and conduct the test as normal.

What is penetration testing?

Widely referred to as pen testing, it is an authorised test of a computer or network system designed to look for security weaknesses. A third party would normally conduct these tests on-site and produce a report of any vulnerabilities identified and recommend how to fix those issues. However, due to COVID19, visiting customer sites has become more difficult.

How is it kept secure?

Security is obviously a top priority for us and our customers. Our consultants only have access to the customer’s network when the appliance is live. The remote connection is outbound initiated from the appliance, which means that the customer is in full control and is double encrypted.

Plus, our consultants securely erase the physical appliance before it’s shipped back to MASS.

This solution is now part of our penetration testing services providing a more cost-effective option, especially for international customers.

Why do I need a penetration test?

Penetration testing offers an ability to safely test your system’s resistance to malicious threat actors and can also test and assess internal threats. The test simulates the actions of a malicious intruder attempting to breach your computer or network system and enables you to see where the vulnerabilities are and, with guidance from your accredited pen tester, enable you to fix them.

In recent years the prevalence of cyber attacks has skyrocketed. Penetration testing gives you the opportunity to test your incident response effectiveness and remediate issues before they are exploited.

If you need penetration testing advice contact our cyber team or visit our cyber page.