Shayne Stanley: Project Management Apprentice


This week is National Apprenticeship Week, this year we shine the spotlight Shayne Stanley, who joined MASS in September 2022.

In her relatively short time here, she has had opportunities to learn from some very experienced project managers whilst working on some exciting projects. Below are her thoughts on the first few months as an apprentice here at MASS:

What have you enjoyed about working at MASS?

I have enjoyed the learning and the people the most. I love learning new things, so it has been a great experience for me. Being surrounded by people who are well experienced means that I always have people to talk to and ask about anything I need to know in my role or for my degree. Everyone has been really kind and supportive.

Having a mentor has also helped me settle into the team quicker (she also buys me lunch sometimes so that’s a bonus).

What have you learnt so far?

I’ve learnt a lot through university and working at MASS about different project management processes, activities and frameworks, what kinds of projects we have and how we manage these at MASS. I’ve also learnt about supporting topics through my degree with Aston University, such as financial management and marketing so far.

I’ve only been with MASS almost 5 months now, so I definitely have a lot more to learn and I’m looking forward to it!

What are you hoping this experience will provide you in your career moving forward?

Getting a degree while also gaining valuable experience in project management will give me a good platform to build the career I want.

Why did you choose MASS?

There aren’t many project management apprenticeships advertised locally, so when I found out about this opportunity at MASS, I was keen! I felt a connection with the people at MASS during my interview. They made me feel much more comfortable during and after my interview than I did with other companies I’d interviewed with.


You can find out more about our apprenticeship roles, they will be advertised on our vacancies page at some point between now and March 2023. You can also find out more about our apprenticeship scheme on our careers page.