Developing digital forensic services to help reduce the threat to your communities

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Our experts in innovation develop digital forensic services and world class technology to help reduce the threat to your communities.

We partner with you to design bespoke end to end solutions that enable you to process and analyse huge amounts of complex digital forensic data with exceptional efficiency.


We have proven to deliver a fluid Digital Forensics service that will support and influence the evolution of the DF strategy, ensuring longevity, delivering value for money and futureproofing.

We will be:

  • Your partner – creating a community, sharing best practice identified across law enforcement, military and defence colleagues supported by industry/academic engagement (Tech Watch and Horizon Scanning programmes)
  • Vendor agnostic – ensuring best of breed capabilities, delivered via non-proprietary equipment facilitating cost effective capability upgrades aligned to RCEMP strategy.

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