Digital Forensic Managed Service

Our managed service gives you access to a highly skilled team when and wherever you need us.

Digital Forensics

Today’s ever changing crime landscape is a challenge compounded by the need to process and examine digital evidence quickly and accurately.

Digital forensics has become one of the most significant parts of any investigation Also, with changes to the Bail Act, the ability to rapidly extract and present digital forensics evidence is more important than ever.

MASS offers a fully integrated digital forensics managed service that works to individual operational needs and budgets. Our cutting edge tools reduce delays, whilst enabling first responders and additional staff to examine and extract complex data.


Managed Service

Our managed service gives you access to a highly-skilled team when and wherever you need them. Our staff are very experienced in handling advanced technical needs, thanks to their outstanding track records in the defence and security sectors.

Digital forensic services are formed around a three tiered approach that provides operational benefits to frontline officers as required. When you need more than self service forensic analysis (Level 1), we also provide specialist technical support (Level 2).

This can be bolstered with an even more advanced provision (Level 3), which includes governance and technical support from our network of lab providers and academia.



Technology Training

To help you maximise on investigation technology, we design and deliver bespoke training courses by trainers and training staff and offer e learning. All courses are created to meet an agency’s unique development requirements.

Our training enables investigators to be ‘capable’ not just ‘trained’ in the extraction and management of digital forensic data.

In addition, to help keep your technology secure, we offer major incident simulation and major incident training. This gives us the capability to conduct Strategic (Gold), Tactical (Silver) and Operational (Bronze) exercise training.

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