Enhancing your operational performance through data insight and business change

Information Management as a Service

Information Management as a Service (IMaaS)

Our mission is to enhance your operational performance through data insight and business change. 

Businesses that want to maximise on their current practices and future-proof their activity, choose to work with us; our impartial perspective and ability to approach the challenges of change with fresh eyes, produces results that bolster business success.

Working with mid-tier management through to C-Level executives, we consult with you and provide guidance on the changes required in your organisation.

Change can generate significant savings in terms of cost, risk reduction and compliance issues such as information security. 

Importantly, we help you to win the hearts and minds of your staff. Their buy-in is crucial - it helps accelerate the change process, and ensure it is implemented efficiently.


New Partnership: MASS and PerCredo

Cyber Guidance System™

In partnership with PerCredo, MASS has announced it will be introducing the innovative Cyber Guidance System (CGS™) to the UK. CGS™ is a forward-thinking management and guidance solution designed to integrate existing tools into a common operating platform. This will enable organisations to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats in their systems before a problem arises.

CGS™ uses unique visualisations to enable operators to quickly identify and mitigate cyber risks. Operating across a business enterprise it provides valuable insight at a tactical level for department managers as well as strategic level insights for board and senior executives.

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