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MASS Apprentice Ben Godfrey – The Story So Far

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As we welcome a new cohort of apprentices, it seemed a good time to check in on one of our current apprentices – Ben Godfrey who is part of our IT delivery team. Ben shared his thoughts on his first two years at MASS, balancing working and studying as well as what makes the MASS apprenticeship programme special.

Tell us about being an apprentice at MASS, what does a typical week look like for you?

A typical work week for me in the IT delivery team varies depending on what projects are on and who is on them. Normally when not on a project, I handle tickets on our delivery desk. Wednesday is my study day this year, during term time I go into university (University of Hertfordshire) and while on break I either do some revision on older modules or work on qualifications such as Microsoft Azure exams.

How have you found balancing university studies and your day-to-day work at MASS?

So far it’s not been too bad balancing the two, MASS are really helpful in allowing me to get my studying time in whenever I need to, especially during exam periods. There has been a good bit of cross over between my course and what I do at work which means that a lot of what I’m reading is being backed up by practical experience.

In terms of your career development, what have been your highlights so far?

Last year I went out on a project to set up a new environment for a customer. It was a two-day project setting up and demonstrating a new cloud-based environment, this has ended up in an extended support contract to maintain the new environment and I’m part of the team delivering that.

You’re going into the final 2 years of your course, what are you looking forward to in that time?

I’m particularly looking forward to my final project where I’ll get a few months to design and implement a software solution in an area of value to the business using all of the skills developed during the course of my study.

What advice would you give to new A level graduates on the benefits of being an apprentice at MASS?

The biggest benefit is definitely working with the people who are specialists in their field and more than willing to help you out with anything you’re doing. You’re in an environment where you have access to all of the technology and equipment you’d need to learn and develop.

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