Defence and Security Policy Reviews and Capability Research

Our team undertakes detailed policy reviews and produce insightful defence capability research, providing you with long-term benefits.

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Defence and Security Policy Reviews and Capability Research

Closely aligned to UK Government’s approach to stabilisation, MASS is a leader in developing shared analysis, with the ability to design activities and programmes that match a consensus-based approach.

With staff who are steeped in geopolitical understanding, our work can extend well beyond the defence and security sectors for the public as well as private sector clients.

Developing institutional capacity with vision, applied intellect, energy, pragmatism, analytical, and innovative flair are among our unique selling points. For example, we can offer understanding of conflict dynamics including gender sensitivity and the impact of conflict on vulnerable groups in society.

Our team can provide valuable input to Change Management programmes and offer specialist support to very senior review bodies. We have recently supported an International Advisory Board assisting a Gulf State with its national transformation strategy, which included police reform.

We are delivering an exemplary, multi-stage, three-year capability research programme for the current Hybrid Warfare threat for the European Defence Agency, with our reports staffed to ministerial level.

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