CEMA and EW Training

Our CEMA and EW training prepares your teams for contemporary multi-threat environments. We train you for the known and educate you for the unknown; to sense, analyse and act within the electromagnetic battlespace.

Designed and delivered by EW and CEMA experts, our immersive training leverages a unique mix of our people’s real-world UK military experiences and our software-based Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS), to expedite knowledge transfer.

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Newts Overview

Train as you would fight

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Our electronic warfare training application suite, NEWTS, creates a realistic simulated environment enabling air, land and maritime electromagnetic environment personnel to be better prepared for deployed operations.

NEWTS comprises three core applications:

  • Electronic Warfare Mission Support Tool (EWMST) – A planning tool that is used informs how EW assets are deployed. Using its messaging tool, EWMST can also contribute to the dissemination and reporting of intelligence to commanders.
  • Communications Exploitation Training Tool (COMETT) – Collect and exploit data from communication intelligence received.
  • Signals of Interest (SOI) Repository – Process, analyse and collate of intelligence.

All three are non-operational, procedural training applications, and have been designed to be used over LAN and / or WAN architecture. They can be used in isolation for individual training, but when combined they replicate a real-life EW & CEMA operations intelligence cycle fulfilling collective training environments:

Skills-Based Training

Gain operational advantage and dominate the electronic battlespace by equipping your teams with tailored, skills-based training that will enhance their knowledge and understanding of Cyber and Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA).

With a highly experienced team of ex-forces CEMA, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence (EWSI) trainers, our training focusses on developing the modern war fighter’s grasp of Electronic and Communications Intelligence (ELINT and COMINT) and how to best leverage it to give them the edge. 

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Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Training Courses

Complete your EW training at our sophisticated UK EW training academy or at a location that suits you. Our experienced instructors, all with military, scientific and engineering backgrounds, deliver training ranging from foundation level EW, covering basic principles and applications, to an MSc Intelligence Systems degree.

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Understand technical and tactical aspects of EW activity

True-to-Life Military Training

By recreating the operation intelligence cycle, NEWTS offers the ability for personnel to train under realistic physical, functional, and environmental conditions with true-to-life scenarios.

Immersive Training

NEWTS allows your teams immerse themselves into realistic environments, whilst giving trainers a clear view of the gaps in their skills base and what is required to enhance their learning and development.

Improve In-Field Performance of Your Teams

NEWTS helps improve performance in the field and in turn, reduce risk to personnel.

Gain Technical Knowledge

Your team will gain fundamental EW and COMINT skills and knowledge including how to search for radio signals of a hostile nature, extract and exploit what is being said, and make a report against it.

Learn From Former British Forces Trainers

Our trainers are a highly experienced team of ex- British forces CEMA, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence (EWSI) trainers.

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Take the next step and turn your data into operational advantage

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