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Keep your information and reputation safe with our full suite of cyber security services. With decades of experience working for the most secure organisations in the world, you know you’re in safe hands. 

We follow a holistic five-step approach to cyber security, ensuring all aspects of your company are protected:

Our five-step approach to cyber security

1 - Identify

Governance, Risk, Compliance - The first step in cyber security is to identify your information assets, classify them by criticality and sensitivity, then assess the associated risks.

Our consultants walk you through this process then help you establish a cyber security strategy which aligns to your business goals. From this strategy we can create a set of standards, polices, and guidelines to ensure compliance.

Penetration testing - Our penetration testing team can conduct an authorised test of your computer or network system to identify security weaknesses.

Penetration testing allows us to safely test your system's resistance to malicious threat actors and can also test and assess internal threats. The test simulates the actions of a malicious intruder attempting to breach your computer or network system and enables you to see where the vulnerabilities are and, with guidance from us, enable you to fix them.

2 - Protect

Secure Network Architecture - Technical controls are key in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information assets. Our network security engineers will help you design, implement, and maintain a security architecture which is appropriate for your risks, threats, and business needs.

Cyber Essentials - Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that helps protect your organisation against most cyber-attacks. An IASME certification body since 2015, we have conducted Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and IASME Governance audits for hundreds of organisations. By implementing the controls required for cyber essentials and having them verified by MASS in cyber essentials plus audit you can protect your organisation from the majority of common cyber incidents.

Training - Trained and security-aware staff can be your greatest protection from cyber threats. Cyber stars is effective, scenario-based cyber security awareness training for your employees. Covering the basics of phishing attacks, the importance of unique passwords and other cyber hygiene tips this interactive training session is ideal for onboarding and annual training.

3 - Detect

Security research - From household Internet of Things (IOT) devices to cars and boats, our cyber systems engineers reverse engineer hardware, investigating potential vulnerabilities at the component level. As well as our own PhD researchers we partner with academia on projects looking at risks, threats and vulnerabilities on cutting edge technologies.

Cyber threat intelligence - Our security analysts can conduct vulnerability assessments of your IT Infrastructure, identifying risks and potential attack vectors. Combining knowledge of your organisation with analyses of vulnerabilities, our cyber threat intelligence reports will allow you to prioritise risk mitigations, targeting those that pose the highest threat to you.

4 - Respond

Cyber Resilience Training - In a cyber security crisis, senior management need to understand their roles and responsibilities. From legal and regulatory compliance, communication with the media, and initiating a business continuity plan our board resilience training package will educate the C-suite for crisis response.

5 - Recover

BCP Planning - Covid 19 has shown us that our business’ need to adapt very quickly to events that effect how you normally work. The ability to recover from a natural disaster, global pandemic or damaging cyber-attack will be largely down to your business continuity planning. Our consultants have developed and tested these plans for some of the most secure environments in the world, the lesson learnt, and methods translate to all businesses of all sizes.  

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