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Operator effectiveness is dependent upon knowledge and experience built from successful training

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Skills-Based training

Tailored, skills-based electronic warfare training courses significantly improve the understanding and, therefore, effectiveness of your personnel and your organisation. 

Whether it is designing programmes to meet your specific requirement, or one of our numerous off-the-shelf courses, we support your personnel’s development, which in turn improves your operational capability.

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Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Training Courses

You can undertake your EW training at our sophisticated UK EW training academy or at a location that suits you. Our instructors with military, scientific and engineering backgrounds deliver training ranging from foundation level EW, covering basic principles and applications, to an MSc Intelligence Systems degree.

Many of our courses are accredited by academic institutions including the University of Lincoln.

Using a blend of theoretical and practical elements, your students’ training preferences will be met, enhancing their learning appetite. We use a mix of sophisticated modelling and electronic warfare simulation tools in operationally-focused scenarios, which support the training delivered in the classroom. 

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Specialist Training Toolsets

Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS)

Our knowledge of real-life EW operations and innovative approach to military simulation training led us to create the Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator (NEWTS).

NEWTS comprises three core applications:

  • Electronic Warfare Mission Support Tool (EWMST)
  • Communications Exploitation Training Tool (COMETT)
  • Signals of Interest (SOI) Repository

All are non-operational, procedural training applications, and have been designed to be used over LAN and / or WAN architecture.

They can be used in isolation for individual training, but when combined they replicate a real-life EW operations intelligence cycle fulfilling collective training environments:

  • Planning and direction of EW assets (EWMST)
  • Collection and exploitation of communications data (COMETT)
  • Processing, analysis and collation of information (SOI Repository)
  • Production, dissemination and reporting of intelligence to commanders via EWMST and messaging tools.

NEWTS provides a first class suite of tools that facilitates effective EW training and is used in our training facility in Lincoln, or can be purchased to facilitate customers' own training delivery requirements.

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