Platform Protection

Enhancing survivability through the full Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD) lifecycle

Countermeasures Development

As threat systems increase in complexity and become more prolific, the emphasis on survivability and platform protection increases.

Working for the UK MOD and other nations, supporting the full Threat Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasure Development (TVACD) lifecycle, we are at the forefront of platform protection, developing countermeasures that enhance the protection and survivability of your platforms.

The advancement of technology enables organisations to mitigate risk and reduce the costs associated with trial activities using sophisticated modelling and simulation tools.

Specialist tools for Countermeasure Development

Harnessing unique in-house developed technologies, our specialists have developed CounterWorX®, a modular suite of modelling and simulation software tools that take measures, such as a risk threat vulnerability matrix, to a much-improved level.

Used individually or collectively these tools reduce the cost and time for analysing threat systems, modelling their performance and producing countermeasures or ploys to increase the survivability of your platforms.


CounterWorX Software Suite

The CounterWorX toolset simplifies the complex process of countermeasure development and supports the use of open source information.

The threat system analysis, modelling and simulation included in the toolset provide unprecedented technical capability for countermeasure development and engagement simulation across all operational domains.

Key features:

  • GUI driven analysis tool using missile geometry and propulsion parameters to optimise missile performance against known operational performance
  • Allows twelve different missile configurations to be analysed. Including dart missiles, dual diameter missiles, missiles with drop off boosters, canard controlled missiles, wing controlled missiles and tail controlled missiles
  • A range of propulsion types covering boost, sustain, combined boost-sustain, and finally boost-sustain-boost are available

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Specialist tools for countermeasure development

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Key features

  • Flexible and configurable modelling from A2AD environments and complete weapon systems down to receiver/transmitter component part level
  • Enables modelling of any spectral and operational environments within a single engagement
  • Provides a high fidelity, few-on-few, modelling simulation environment to improve platform survivability thereby reducing the need for hardware and field trials
  • Batch-running can be implemented across multiple-cores and multiple workstations without the purchase of additional software
  • Statistically designed batches minimise the required number of runs
  • Supports a collective approach to countermeasure development, including expendables, ECM techniques and tactical manoeuvring

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Key features

  • Verifies modelled performance against known information
  • Real-life engagements and trials data can be replayed and analysed from multiple perspectives
  • Data can be easily interpreted into meaningful information and images
  • Generates statistical confidence levels
  • Allows batches to be statistically designed and analysed
  • Supports replaying of engagements using data compiled from different sources
  • Incorporates an element of randomness to parameters, increasing confidence in countermeasure design

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Key features

  • Runs in real time allowing users to operate simulated EW equipmenton air platforms against threat systems
  • Provides visualisation that enables an observation of the effect of countermeasures and enhances understanding of the rationale for supporting tactics
  • Data from each engagement element can be recorded and played back or used for off-line analysis when used with ANALYSE
  • Gain experience of realistic engagements from the perspective of either the threat weapon system or the protected platform

For more information about CounterWorX, download the brochure

Key features

  • Allows automation of data between CounterWorX Suite tools
  • Provides a single location for the storage of all threat system, protected platform and specific countermeasure technique data
  • Maintains consistency in data formats across user base
  • Enables countermeasure tactics to be auditable

For more information about CounterWorX, download the brochure

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